Software for ecommerce fulfillment

Logistics software for ecommerce

What is fulfillment in ecommerce? This is a comprehensive solution and a fundamentally new approach to organizing the logistics of your online store. Reception and storage of goods, packaging, delivery, processing of returns – these are by no means all available fulfillment services that can and should be delegated to an experienced fulfillment provider. You will not only save your time and money, but you will also be able to scale your business without losing the quality of services.

Dropex fulfillment
  • Keys

    Warehouse management

    As part of fulfillment, we accept and check the products, put a barcode and use the Dropex software to register it in the system. We place them for safekeeping in warehouses where all types of products are stored - from clothes and cosmetics to electronics and antiques. You don't have to worry about the safety of your products. Cargo security is a priority for e‑commerce fulfillment.

  • Clocks

    Order fulfillment process

    Ecommerce fulfillment allows you to quickly and accurately complete B2B and B2C parcels in accordance with all ecommerce, software and web based fulfillment standards and with the necessary documentation. With the help of the software, you can see the status of all orders. Also, within the framework of Internet fulfillment, we process returns. We evaluate, identify, mark, repackage, place in storage or ship defective items to you.

  • Location

    Delivery management

    Our fulfillment warehouses are located in 4 EU countries where we cooperate with local transport and courier services. Dropex software is perfect for e‑commerce, because you can choose the delivery scheme that is optimal for you in terms of time and budget. Rest assured that the products will arrive to the client within 24 hours. We work with the CoD model and independently accept payments and deliver funds to your account.

  • Boxes

    Product packaging

    Dropex fulfillment partner will take care of the packaging of goods for their storage and transportation. We will provide all the necessary materials or pack the goods in your branded packaging if your ecommerce company maintains its branding even in the smallest detail. If you need to develop an individual design, contact us, this is also included in our services.

  • List

    Inventory management

    For ecommerce, it is very important to understand what kind of product and in what quantity is stored in the warehouse and is accordingly available for sale. Our order fulfillment software allows us to correctly control the balances. Planning will help you eliminate excess stocks and replenish warehouses in time with goods in high demand.

  • Sms

    SMS support

    SMS support is an important part of ecommerce services. Our software notifies customers about order status and courier departure. Thus, fulfillment helps to increase the number of buyouts and maintain loyalty to the company. Control this stage of fulfillment online from any device connected to the Internet.

  • Order

    Order management

    With Dropex software, you have complete control over fulfillment and you can manage orders yourself. Changing the address, adding and removing products, editing the selected colors and sizes and other typical ecommerce operations are now easy to perform with a couple of clicks.

Integration of your online store via API

With Dropex, you will not have to adapt to the new system for a long time and reshape your business processes. We will help you connect your online store to our ecommerce software and all delivery and fulfillment services will be optimized. For example, the system transfers orders from your store to Dropex and information on stock is sent from Dropex to the store. Thus, you continue to sell products through your online store and at the same time receive a streamlined ecommerce order fulfillment service.

Online shop

Assistance in integration with e‑commerce fulfillment software

Dropex order fulfillment software is an excellent API for integration with the most famous e‑commerce software. Upon request, we can complement your ecommerce fulfillment programs with a solution to make your business even more profitable. No more paperwork or mistakes that affect the company's bottom line. Manage inventory, control orders and ensure the fastest delivery with online fulfillment from Dropex.

  • Shopify


    Software for creating and launching an online store with a monthly fee for its support.

  • WooCommerce


    Plugin for WordPress that allows you to create an online store based on this engine.

  • WIX


    Free constructor where you can create a small website, including an online store.

  • Magento


    Powerful CMS for ecommerce. The only thing missing is the integration with e‑fulfillment.

  • BigCommerce


    Ecommerce platform with a monthly fee and rich functionality.

  • Prestashop


    Fast and easy-to-learn engine suitable for creating a small online store.

  • Ebay


    Marketplace where auctions are held in addition to traditional sales.

  • Amazon


    Ecommerce platform with its own products and 3+ million sellers.

Dropex – powerful software for order fulfillment optimization

Best ecommerce order fulfillment services will help automate business processes and improve the performance of your online store.

  • Saving time and resources

    Dropex ecommerce order fulfillment provider will help you reduce order processing time. Also, you will not have to rent warehouses to store goods or hire personnel for the logistics department.
  • Minimizing errors

    By automating the processes, you will reduce the influence of the human factor and minimize errors in the selection of goods and stock management. Mandatory barcoding is a good reason to order a fulfillment system.
  • Full control

    Ecommerce fulfillment process gives you full control at all stages of sales – from order processing to delivery of goods to the customer. Our CRM system allows you to monitor the situation in real time and quickly respond to emergency situations.
  • Increased customer loyalty

    Fast delivery, reliable information about the availability of goods in the warehouse, the ability to pay by cash on delivery – this is how the fulfillment program forms customer loyalty to your company.

And these are by no means all the advantages of an order fulfillment system. In addition to general challenges that ecommerce faces, each company has its own needs that have to be addressed. We are confident that we can help with any specific request. Order Dropex fulfillment solution to open up new opportunities for your business.