Dropex – warehousing and fulfillment services

Warehouses all over Europe

Dropex is a logistics fulfillment operator with warehouses in 7 EU countries. Local warehouses will make your delivery faster and more accessible. After all, shipments will be local, not international.

Ecommerce warehouse storage in Europe
Today Dropex warehouses are located in the following countries:
  • Poland
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Bulgaria

What can be stored in our warehouses

Responsible warehousing and fulfillment is our priority. We provide all the necessary conditions for safe storage and transportation, so you do not have to worry about the integrity of your goods. Check out different cargo saving standards and order warehouse storage at Dropex.

Responsible storage and order fulfillment
  • Health Supplement Order Fulfillment Services and warehouse

    Health products

    Creams, capsules, powders and other forms of dietary supplements require special storage conditions while taking into account their physical and chemical properties. At our grocery fulfillment warehouses, the temperature, humidity and illumination are regulated with the help of special devices (thermometers, psychrometers and hygrometers). Moreover, each batch of goods is stored on separate pallets.

  • Сlothing warehouse storage


    Dropex warehouses allow you to store clothes from any material, including leather, wool and fur. We make sure that the level of humidity and temperature remains stable, because their difference leads to shrinkage, appearance of mold and cracks. Depending on the type of product and material, we can store clothes both on hangers and folded.

  • Warehouse storage for beauty products


    Care and decorative cosmetics must be protected from direct sunlight and heating devices as this is a fire hazardous product. Our warehouses are equipped with a fire-prevention system and are ready to provide all the necessary conditions for careful storage of cosmetics. We also monitor shelf life of warehouse fulfillment services and marketable condition of each item.

  • Warehouse storage for gifts & souvenirs

    Gifts and souvenirs

    In our warehouses, you can store any gift and souvenir products, including art and antiques. This sets Dropex apart from other warehouse fulfillment companies. Optimal humidity, illumination and temperature will preserve marketable condition of the product and a reliable security system will take care of its safety.

  • Warehouse for electronic e-commerce companies

    Electrical items

    Our fulfillment buildings create optimal conditions for storing household and electronic equipment – temperature of +9–15°С and humidity of about 60%. The floor covering protects from moisture and dust and the distance to the heating system is at least 1 m. The process of transportation and storage takes place taking into account the fragility of the goods and exclusively in an upright position.

  • Warehouse storage for dishes, textiles, furniture and other household goods

    Household products

    Crockery, textiles, furniture and other household goods require very careful handling. We guarantee accurate transportation, climate control system, a safe distance from heating devices and a humidity level not exceeding 70%. You can be sure that the conditions of storage and fulfillment of goods help to preserve their consumer and aesthetic functions.

  • Warehouse storage for Goods for sports and recreation

    Products for sports and recreation

    Warehouses for sports equipment and clothing must be dry, well-ventilated and with a stable temperature of +12–18°C. No direct sunlight or close proximity to heating devices. We are ready to offer such storage fulfillment conditions at the warehouses of the Dropex order fulfillment operator.

  • Warehouse storage for Garden Products

    Garden tools

    Optimal humidity and temperature in our warehouses will help keep your garden tools in great condition. Thanks to high-quality fulfillment and warehousing, you can be sure that metal tools are reliably protected from corrosion and that electrical tools will not lose their technical properties. The adjustable height of selves allows you to easily accommodate any bulky goods.

ATTENTION! Prohibited goods for storage
Prohibited items
Dropex works with most product groups, however, there are cargoes for which we do not provide warehousing or fulfillment services.
  • Prohibited item name
  • Prohibited item name
  • Prohibited item name
  • Prohibited item name
  • Prohibited item name
  • Prohibited item name

Fulfillment services

Dropex fulfillment warehouses provide a full cycle of services for the storage and delivery of goods, making the process fast and automated. Take advantage of warehouse fulfillment services, to save time and use it for your company development.
Reception of goods at the warehouse
Fulfillment warehouse for storage
Picking and packing process
Fulfillment of order delivery

Order fulfillment for ecommerce startups

Dropex order fulfillment operator helps ecommerce startups grow their business by providing support at every stage. Branding, design, production of packaging, website development, the very production of dietary supplements and cosmetic products as well as production marketing – you can get all these services with Dropex. And of course, we will take care of warehouse fulfillment delivery. Therefore, if you have an idea for a product, but do not have the capacity to implement it, contact us.

Order fulfillment for trading platforms

Connect your ecommerce platform to Dropex to experience all the benefits of dropshipping fulfillment and improve the quality of your service. Our CRM system can be easily integrated via API with any engine (Magento, WooCommerce...) or marketplace (Shopify, Amazon, Ebay..).

For your company, this means that now you can manage stocks, generate invoices and check order statuses with a single click. Warehouse fulfillment has never been so easy and automated. If you want to learn more about the software for warehouse fulfillment companies, go to this page.