3PL fulfillment for e-commerce retailers in Europe


Ship your products in Europe.


Deliver goods quickly and cost effectively using local warehouses in each country. Work by the COD model


Control deliveries in the CRM system. Delegate accounting, registration of goods and their production to us.

Our Services

Comprehensive Logistics

We will take responsibility for the entire logistics cycle of the product, including its storage, sending to customers and receiving returns. This will save you time and money, as well as guarantee the safety of the goods

Cash on Delivery

We will send your goods by cash on delivery and deliver the funds directly to your company account. Doing so, we will establish credibility with potential customers without unnecessary expenses or pains on your part

Tax Consulting / Tax Assistance

We will help you get a VAT number so that you can register your company in any European country and officially run business there. We will also advise and accompany you in the process of taxpaying

Legalization of Products

We will quickly issue a certificate of conformity, origin, ISO or otherwise. And if you are not sure which document is needed to legalize your product, we will be happy to advise you

Contract Manufacturing

Trust the experience and professionalism of our manufacturers. Cooperating with them, you will get a quality product that meets all local and international standards under your brand

SMS Support

Your customers will receive SMS notifications about the status of their order. Couriers will always know the exact time when the customer is in place and ready to accept the parcel. As a result, you will not overpay for delivery

API Integration

Upon request, we will connect our CRM to yours. You won’t have to enter data manually or rebuild the entire workflow

Prompt delivery worldwide

transported exported ferried
0 0 0
pallets of goods million items of goods tons of cargo
delivered delivered delivered
0 0 0
million parcels million parcels million parcels

New Features with Dropex

We deliver goods by COD model. We work with all types of cargo, including fragile and bulky
We help exporting companies run business without worrying about the intricacies of local logistics and legislation
We cooperate with other logistics operators. Fill out the form to join